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The Stanley Song
(Mary Had a Little Lamb Tune)Stanley was a normal boy, normal boy, normal boy,

Stanley was a normal boy, then a board on him fell.
Stanley Lambchop was flat, was flat, was flat,

Stanley Lambchop was flat, just a half inch thick.
Now Stanley had lots of fun, lots of fun, lots of fun,

Stanley had lots of fun, and made his brother mad.
Then he flew just like a kite, like a kite, like a kite,

Then he flew just like a kite and caught the sneak thieves.

Language Arts Objectives
The students will:
  • Discuss main character, sequence the events, and identify a problem in the story.
  • Discuss how character feelings when analyzing Stanley and Arthur.
  • Compare and contrast character traits.
  • Write a story detailing a new adventure for Flat Stanley, or write their own ending to the story.
  • Make predictions about how the characters will solve the problems in the story.
  • Understand new vocabulary words by using context clues, pictures, and schema.

Flat Stanley's from the past:

Flat Stanley's from 2011-2012
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