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Lunch Lady

external image lunch+lady.bmp

Garage Sale Wizard

external image garage+sale+wizard.bmp

Counting Money

external image counting+money.bmp

Sheppard Software has some FUN money games!
Fruit Shoot Coins

external image fruit+shoot.bmp

external image fruit+shoot2.bmp

Fruit Shoot 2

external image fruit+shoot+2.bmp

Fruit Shoots Dollars and Cents

external image fruit+shoot+dollars.bmp

Matching Coins
Level 1

Quarters to $ and Cents

Dollars, Dime, and Pennies to Dollars and Cents

external image match+coins.bmp

Count US Coins- an interactive site that allows
you to learn coin recognition and counting patterns.
external image Count+US+Coins.bmp

Matching Money- a matching game that allows you a timed or an untimed game.
external image matching+money.bmp

Spending Spree

external image spending+spree.bmp

Coin Madness Addition

external image coin+madness+addition.bmp

Money Flashcards

external image money+flashcards.bmp

Money Desk- has three different levels of difficulty and three different characters to choose from.external image money+desk.bmp

The US Mint has several different fun games for kids:Cents of Color

external image color+the+coins.bmp

Coin Memory Game

external image coin+memory.bmp

Money Drop

external image coin+drop.bmp

Coin Combo

external image coin+combo.bmp

ABCya's Counting Money Game- three different levels of difficultyexternal image abcya+counting+money.bmp

Measuring Money

external image measure+money.bmp

Let's Compare

external image Let%2527s+compare.bmp

Bank It! - 3 different difficulty levelsexternal image bank+it.bmp

Making Change

external image making+change.bmp

CA$H Out- includes three levels of difficulty and on screen hintsexternal image cash+out.bmp

Piggy Bank- easy and hard levelsexternal image piggy+bank.bmp

Pocket Change

external image pocket+change.bmp

The Dollar Store

external image dollar+store.bmp

My Money Valentine

external image money+valentine.bmp

Money Printable Games from Fuel the BrainCoin-cessions Game 1

Coin-cessions Game 2

Sparklebox Money Printables here including Money Fansand Amounts to $1 Matching Cards.external image money+fans.jpg



oswego_ocsd-web_games_StopTheClock_sthec.png [Easiest] [Hardest]
A collection of time whiteboard resources. Children match the digital and analogue clocks against the clock. Group link at
external image t.gif
external image t.gif

View a flash based time resource for whiteboards with an editable analogue and digital clock.
A maths game where players pick the correct time card for the time on the clock.
A good maths game where players fly a spaceship through a time tunnel, collecting fuel as you go. Set a clock to the correct time to go to the next stage. There are four different levels of time-telling ability. Play full screen at
A simple maths time resource which players choose the correct clock.
A well made maths resource with three different activities for teaching how to tell the time.

Online Math games for clock and time

Clock/Telling Time

**On Time**
Set the clock's hands to the given time. Four different levels. **Clock Shoot**
A game where you need to click on the clock with the matching time (analog/digital). Three different levels: whole hours, half hours, or quarter hours.
**Teaching Time**

Analogue/digital clock games and worksheets. Also an interactive "class clock" to demonstrate time.
**That Quiz: Time**

Online quizzes for all time-related topics: reading the clock, time passed, adding/subtracting with time, conversion of time units, and time zones practice. The quizzes have many levels, can be timed or not, and include lots of options for customization. Easy to use and set up.
**Calculating Time from BBC SkillsWise**

Factsheets, worksheets, and an online game to practice time calculations.


Resource site to learn about time: worksheets, games, quizzes, time zones, and an interactive clock.
**Telling Time Worksheets**

Make printable clock face worksheets for telling time to the hour, to the half hour, to quarter hour, to 5-minute intervals, or to the minute.
**Elapsed Time Worksheets**

Generate printable worksheets for elapsed time. You can practice the elapsed time, finding the starting time, or finding the ending time. The time interval can be to the accuracy of 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or whole hours.
**What Time Is It? Interactive Worksheets**

Online interactive analog clock worksheet generator.
**Online Alarm Clock**

Use this real-time clock to show students how digital clock or alarm clock works.

Make printable clock face worksheets for telling time to the hour, to the half hour, to quarter hour, to 5-minute intervals, or to the minute.
**Elapsed Time Line**

This interactive tool shows 2 clocks that have draggable fingers to set a "from" and "to" time, and a number line. You can demonstrate how to use a number line to calculate elapsed time.
**A Matter of Time**

Lesson plans for telling time, interactive activities, and some materials to print.

Plug in a time, and the clock runs till it reaches it, or clock runs to a time and you type it in.
**The Right Time**

A couple of interactive exercises about reading the clock.
**What Time Is It?**

Look at the analog clock and pick the digital clock that shows the same time.
**A Visual Way to Solve Elapsed Time Problems**

This is a very natural, simple way to find out how much time elapses between two given clock times, and is exactly the way I also teach it.
**Online Countdown Timer**

This site creates a customizable timer that is very useful in the classroom (or home).