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Where In The World Is Mrs. Colwell's Class?

What is your PLANET?
Travel to our Solar System and you will find 8 planets (Pluto is still up for debate, and it would make 9!). We live on the Planet Earth. It is the 3rd planet from the sun and the 5th largest.
What is your CONTINENT?
There are 7 continents on Earth. We live on the continent of North America.
What is your COUNTRY?
There are 3 countries in North America. We live in the United States of America (or USA for short).

What is your STATE?
There are 50 states in the USA. We live in the state of Texas.
What is your CITY?
There are many towns and cities in Texas. We live in Collin County in the city of McKinney.
What is your SCHOOL?
There are 20 elementary schools in McKinney. We attend Slaughter Elementary!!




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