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U.S. Symbols
Symbols to Color
Symbols Dot-to-Dot
Symbols Matching
Community Helpers
Our Nation
Abraham Lincoln
National Symbols (PowerPoint)
National Symbols
Patriotic Symbols
Teacher Resource (K.2)
American Icons
American Symbols
Interactive Quiz
Statue of Liberty (K.2)
National Symbols: Statue of Liberty (K.2)
National Flag (K.2)
American Flag (K.2)
National Symbols: Flag
National Symbols: Bald Eagle (K.2)
Bald Eagle (K.2)
The Bald Eagle (K.2)
Great Seal of the US (K.2)
History Interactive: Teacher Resource
History Interactive: Presidents -
George Washington
History Interactive: Presidents -
Thomas Jefferson
History Interactive: Presidents - Abraham Lincoln
History Interactive: Presidents - Theodore Roosevelt
History Interactive: Presidents -
George W. Bush
History Interactive: Symbols of America
Teacher Resource
Pledge of Allegiance
Teacher Resource
Pledge of Allegiance
The White House

Patriotic Song: America the Beautiful
Lyrics and Music
Patriotic Song: National Anthem
Lyrics and Music
Patriotic Song: This Land is Your Land
Lyrics and Music
Patriotic Song: America
Lyrics and Music
Go on a virtual field trip to visit these U.S. symbols!
Go to Washington D.C. to see the Lincoln Monument and Washington Monument!

Go to Monticello to visit Thomas Jefferson

Go see the Statue of Liberty!
See the torch, the crown, and a LIVE view of New York from Ellis Island!